Chemistry, Compatibility and Communication in Relationship

Chemistry Compatible Dr Pal Allen

Learn Dr. Pat Allen’s simple rules about the separate but equal needs of women and men. Dr. Allen will address the fact that in each of us there is a feminine energy as well as a masculine energy. Topics to be discussed
Phases of a relationship, Masculine and Feminine energy systems, Why Equality in a Relationship may not be what you are looking for, Do you want to be Respected or Cherished first? Insight into the “5 Curses” of life and the Antidotes.

DATE: Saturday April 9, 2016
TIME: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
LOCATION: Marriott Courtyard**
6333 Bristol Parkway, CA. 90230
PRICE: $40.00 per person**

**This Seminar will be available via webinar.
(Sign up early! Limited to 100 attendees) 


  1. What makes a man want to commit?
  2. Phases of a relationship.
  3. Masculine and Feminine energy systems
  4. Do you want to be respected or cherished?
  5. Insight into the “5 Curses” of life and the Antidotes.

Limit 30 Attendees

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