LIFE SCRIPT – Who is Running Your Life?
Your or Them?

Script Analysis is the method of uncovering the early decisions, made unconsciously, as to how life shall be lived. It is one of the five clusters in Transactional Analysis, involving a progression from structural analysis, through transactional and game analysis, to script analysis.

Life Script


The purpose of script analysis is to aid the client to achieve autonomy by recognizing the script’s influence on their thoughts and actions and thereby allowing them to decide against the script. Berne describes someone who is autonomous as being “script free” and as a “real person”.

Script analysis considers that from the early transactions between mother, father, and child, a life plan evolves. This is called the script, or unconscious life plan.

Script analysts work on the assumption that a person’s behavior is partly programmed by the script, the life plan set down in early life. Fortunately, scripts can be changed, since they are not inborn, but learned.


Dr. Pat Allen Life Script Class
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