Meet Dr. Pat Allen

I’ve devoted over 40 years to helping men and women learn to express their wants and needs with integrity and honesty, and to recognize and avoid the damaging ploys of intimidation and seduction.

Some of the things I teach about male/female relationships have often been called politically incorrect….but they are scientifically accurate. And they work.
Join with me in the goal of committing yourself to a lifestyle of love and authentic communication in all your relationships, in your families and careers, in order to strengthen your relationship skills and enhance your self-esteem and success in life. My dream is that you and your children may live in a love-filled world in which both men and women can attain their fullest potential.
These principles draw from my system called WANT® Training, a trademarked technique developed from my years of one-on-one and couples counseling. It is focused on scientifically demonstrable principles of Rational Communication for Business, Personal Growth, Romantic Relationships and Successful Dating.

Life is a gift; my life’s goal has always been to give something back.

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