Recommended Reading List

The Founder of the WANT® Institute, Dr. Pat Allen, has over 38 years of experience studying and practicing as a WANT Training Counselor, Transactional Analyst, and Marriage, Family & Child Therapist and Counselor. Over the course of her career she has read hundreds of books on the theory and practice of Human Communication, from which she has created and evolved her revolutionary theories of Androgynous Semantic Realignment™ and WANT Training.™ Here are the key writings she has studied and analyzed that give further insight into her remarkable theories on the intricacies of of human behavior.

William Appleton
Fathers and Daughters
Aaron Beck
Cognitive Therapy and The Emotional Disorders
Eric Berne
What Do You Say After You Say Hello
Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy
Intuition and Ego States
Albert Ellis
Rational Emotive Therapy, A Skills Based Approach
Albert Ellis Reader Shawn Blau
Carl Jung
Man and His Symbols
Jung on Death and Immortality (ed. by Jenny Yates)
Mysterium Coniunctionis
R.F.C. Hull (Translator)
Aspects of the Masculine
Answer to Job
Aspects of Feminine
Florence Littauer
Personality Plus
Abraham Maslow
Toward A Psychology of Being
Herbert Marshall McLuhan
Medium Is The Message
Alice Miller
Drama of the Gifted Child / Prisoners of Childhood
For Your Own Good
M. Scott Peck
The Road Less Traveled / People of the Lie
Kenneth R. Pelliteir
Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer
John Powell
Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am?
John Sanford
The Invisible Partners
T. Verny and J. Kelly
Secret Life of the Unborn Child
Terry Cole Whitaker
What You Think of Me Is None of My Business
Radmda M. Moacanin
Jung’s Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism
Jack Finclier
Lefties: The Origins and Consequences of Being Left-Handed
Synnger & Deutsch
Left Brain, Right Brain
Deborah Blum
Sex on the Brain
Donal Johanson and Blake Edgar
From Lucy to Language
Susan A. Greenfield
The Human Mind Explained
Manly P. Hall
The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Joseph Meerfchy
The Power of the Subconscious Mind
Alexander Lowen, M.D.
Narcissism / Betrayal of the Body
Wilda B. Tanner
The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams
David C. Geary
Male, Female
Frank J. Sulloway
Born to Rebel
Axie Arango, M.D.
Dirty Words Psychoanalytic Insights
Lee Carrol Jan Tober
The Indigo Children
John J. Ratey, M.D.
Driven to Distraction Ð Edward Hallowell
Viktor E. Frankl
Man’s Search for Meaning
Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning
Larry Dossey, M.D.
Healing Words
Barry & Ann Vlanor
Transforming Sexuality
Ann Belford Vlanor
Receiving Woman
Bobbe Sommier, PhD.
Psychocybernetics 2000
Maxwell Maltz
Charles & Caroline Muir
Tantra The Art of Conscious Loving
Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D
The Highly Sensitive Person
Susie Orbach
Fat is a Feminist Issue
Candace B. Pert, Ph.D
Molecules of Emotion
Rebecca Cutter
When Opposites Attract
Geoffrey F. Miller
The Mating Mind
Helen Fisher, Ph.D.
The Anatomy of Love
Ashley Montague
Touching (3rd edition)
Robert Ornstein
The Right Mind / The Healing Brain / Multimind
Kay Sheppard, M.A.
From The First Bite / Food Addiction
Uta Ranke Heinemann
Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven
Dennis Helming
The Examined Life
Dr. Alexander Avila
Love Types
Marilyn Bates & David Kiersey
Please Understand Me
Deborah Tannen
You Just Don’t Understand Me
Anne Moir & David
Jessel Brain Sex
Robert Johnson
He / She / We
Irene de Castillejo
Knowing Woman
Morton Kelsey
Adventure Inward
Jess Lair
Sex / If I Didn’t Laugh, I’d Cry
Maria Robinson
The Power of Sexual Surrender
Money & Tucker
Sexual Signatures
Michael Drury
Notes From An Old Mistress To A Young Wife
William Appleton
Fathers & Daughters
Louise Hays
Healing Your Life
Phillis & David York
Tough Love
Carl Simonton
Getting Well Again
Fight For Your Life
Marion Woodman
The Owl Was A Baker’s Daughter
Addiction To Perfection
The Pregnant Virgin
Michael McGill
The Male From 40-60
Maureen Murdock
The Hero’s Daughter
Anthony Walsh, Ph.D.
The Science of Love
George Leonard
The Way of Aikido
Dr. S. Leonard
Wounded Woman / On The Way To The Wedding


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